Plant 9000,000 Fruit Trees.

 Why I have decided to plant 9,000,000 fruit trees.

Unless it’s a fruit tree, its tough to find it standing in my community. We all undeniably know that being around trees makes us feel connected and alive. Trees take carbon out of the atmosphere, foster localized cooling and help mitigate the impacts of climate change.

Uganda has lost an average of 122000 hectares of forests every year due to large-scale tree-cutting for timber and charcoal-burning.

Each of us has a sole and co-operative responsibility to reforest our planet and restore biodiversity. This is why I have decided to plant 9000000 fruit trees.

Evelyn Acham

My name is Evelyn Acham, a climate justice activist from Uganda.

I am the national coordinator of Rise Up Movement, an Arctic Angel with Global choices and a member of Fridays for Future.

I started +1Tree project which is targeting to plant 9million fruit trees and more in my country, I also run a campaign which involves educating school children about the climate crisis and also advocating for the inclusion of climate education in the school curriculum.

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Can you plant a tree in your community too?

"Small acts when multiplied by millions of people can transform the world"

we are calling all women and men to stand and plant a tree. Together we can restore biodiversity from our spheres of leadership. We can leave a better world for future generations.


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